Wearable technology: Content, data, and how to utilize these new devices


Welcome to the official blog of MEC UK! As part of Social Media Week London 2014 MEC UK will be hosting a morning of discussion and debate around Wearable technology and how content and data are shaping the evolution and use of these new devices. Speakers on the day (this Thursday, 25th) include our Chief Data Officer, David Fletcher along with our Head of Content, Jamie Toward who will be sharing an MEC perspective on these new technologies. Following these inspiring talks we will open the floor to a panel discussion which will include experts from the tech, content production and media industry, including Ben Gamble, CTO of Race Yourself, an exercise game and app development company. We asked Ben a few questions ahead of our debate this Thursday. Over to you Ben…

Q. What is your favorite piece of wearable tech?
A. Of the current crop, it would be the Samsung Gear 2. It has most of the smart watch features I want, along with some that I am beginning to find hard to live without. The comparative richness of Tizen over Android-Wear leads to a much better experience, particularly with the much better battery life, and less limitations on what it can do.

It allows me to leave my phone in my pocket for 80% of common tasks while travelling or doing anything other than sitting still. I can answer calls to my headset, I can check messages, and even navigate from place to place. Combine this with full media control and the omni-remote feature that can control both TVs and air-cons (think of those over cold or hot conference rooms). The Gear Fit comes close because of its vast battery life and simplicity, and Google-Glass for is vast, but totally missed potential.

Q. If you could invent a piece of wearable tech what would it be?
A. I’ll admit that Jetpacks were the first thing on my mind, but if I was to be more serious it would be a band that could non-invasively sense blood glucose, blood-pressure, heart-rate, and serotonin levels. this would give many people some piece of mind that they were ok even with their chronic conditions, and give their doctors the continuous data they don’t have. Ideally with an infinite battery life and passive data upload.

Q. When do you think wearable tech will see mass adoption?
A. Considering that wrist watches have been worn for 100 years, and that smart phones are the current face of technology, I would say that in one sense they are already hear. In the sense of connected none smartphone tech that you wear, I would say 6-18 months for watches and 2-3 years before eyewear recovers from the glass debacle in the public’s eyes.

Do you agree with Ben? We’d love to hear what you think so leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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