If you only read 10 things about Wearable Tech today, it should be these.

10 things you need to know about Wearable Tech from MEC’s: WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY: CONTENT, DATA, AND HOW TO UTILIZE THESE NEW DEVICES SESSION. Part of Social Media Week London 2014


  1. Wearable Tech on the Gartner Hype Cycle is demonstrating rapid acceleration up to the ‘Peak of Inflated Expectations’. This means we’re all REALLY excited about its possibilities but the practicalities – technological, financial , utilitarian- need to catch up before mass enlightenment (or in this case) mass adoption.
  1. Despite 13.9bn connected devices worldwide and a market value of $1.8bn, only 6% of UK and US adults own a wearable device.
  1. It has been suggested that the UK could become a leader in the Wearable Tech market – estimated to increase to £5.4bn by 2018.
  1. Wearable Tech needs to deliver on one of two key attributes: Correct imperfections or enrich the human condition.
  1. You had blogging, then there was vlogging, now they’ll be lifelogging. Devices like Google Glass enable a live stream of our daily lives – Victor Oladipo, documented his experience of his NBA draft through Google Glass.
  1. Most innovations in this field have been born out of necessity in niche categories – for example helicopter engineers who need to utilise and interact with data in a format that doesn’t exist in their hands.
  1. Even within Wearable Tech there’s a ‘now’ and a ‘next’ – Some companies like Nokia are already looking at how we can use the human body as a piece of technology; this is called ‘wetwear’ or ‘Human Augmentation’.
  1. You can’t separate data from Wearable Tech. With data collection comes opportunity, but also responsibilities and ethical questions for advertisers in a current context where no real legislation exists.
  1. We should consider cultural and social factors in wearable tech adoption rates, as well as the technological lag. Aesthetics will always be important and despite it being Google, Glass just ain’t sexy.

10. A lot of the technology that is being heralded within Wearable Tech exists already in             our current devices – on our tablets and our smartphones. Need, not duplication, is             what will skyrocket wearables into the mainstream.

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