Monthly Archive: April, 2015

The revolution will be televised…on your smartphone

Warren Dell, Senior Digital Engagement Manager at MEC UK, explores the growing market of live streaming apps like Meerkat and Periscope, and what this means for brands, journalists and consumers.

#MustReadMonday – The Right Content for the Right Channel

Jamie Toward, Head of content at MEC UK, shares his thoughts on using the right content for the right channel, and how marketers must consider what their content can offer the consumer in… Continue reading

Google Mobile Update: Is your site ready for the mobile revolution?

Paul Spreadbury, Operations Director of Organic Performance at MEC UK, takes a look at the latest Google mobile update, reviews what has been confirmed so far and what action can be taken

#MustReadMonday – The Boat Race: What Next For Women’s Sport and Sponsorship?

In the aftermath of this year’s boat race, where the women’s race was on the same day as the men’s for the first time, Ellen O’Sullivan, Account Manager – MEC Access at MEC… Continue reading

Mobile World Congress 2015 – Mapping twitter conversation

Gearoid Godson, Social Insight Manager at MEC UK, shares his insights from the recent Mobile World Congress, during which the social media team mapped the online conversations that took place.

3 Big Themes from Ad Week Europe – Complexity, Collaboration and Karma

Jamie Toward, Head of Content at MEC UK, shares with us three main themes that were clearly apparent across Ad Week Europe 2015.