Monthly Archive: June, 2015

MEC Manchester university collaboration celebrated at annual degree show awards

MEC Manchester has celebrated a second year of creative collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), with a trio of awards honouring students at the School of Art’s annual Degree Show. The agency was… Continue reading

#MustReadMonday – Startup success? It’s all about the people

Hannah Blake, Open Innovations Director at MEC UK, shares if you want to score lucrative deals as a startup between large corporates then a good first impression is essential.

#MustReadMonday: The curse of irrelevant ‘relevance’: Why we should all be cautious about exploiting the next big thing

Dan Plant, Group Strategy Director at MEC UK, discusses the whether brands should be cautious of exploiting new media technologies.

Should you enter the world of emojis?

Daniel Davis, Senior Digital Engagement Manager at MEC UK, discusses whether if the new generation are using a new language, should brands should be entering the world of emojis?