Kristina Caxon, People & Culture – Business Partner, discusses our new initiative ‘My Family’ and it’s perks!

We are delighted to announce….MEC’s My Family!  A current, new and improved ‘family friendly’ package that developed in line with the introduction of the new Shared Parental Leave policy in April family We understand that to allow our people to Thrive at MEC they need choice and flexibility and this is apparent in all of our benefits so we thought: why not the same when managing our home lives too? We also understand that it is no longer just about caring for children, and being a parent, we now have more of a sandwich generation of people that care for their aging parents whilst supporting their own children. As part of My Family, we have a refresher of what we already have in place including:  Flexible Working Policy, Smarter Working Policy, Enhanced Maternity & Adoption Policies, and our Enhanced Paternity Policy. But, what’s’ NEW to MEC’s My Family? With our new partnership with My Family care we are now offering….. Work+Family

  • Emergency backup care
  • A Buddy System for Working Mums,
  • An early return to work bonus for those on maternity and adoption leave and obviously the new Shared Parental Leave policy.
  • Partnership with my Family Care

We are delighted to announce our link with My Family Care, who are a leader in delivering family-friendly solutions across the UK.  The purpose is to help us to help our people combine work+family pressures better, providing them with access to reliable and quality services in the field of childcare and dependent care solutions. It offers a network of providers throughout the UK with access to emergency nannies, over 700 nurseries, 3000 childminders, 500 holiday clubs and domiciliary carers nationwide.

It can be used when the usual nursery is closed for the day, your nanny is off sick, the school is on another inset day, school holiday clubs are ideal for filling those awkward care gaps for older children during school holidays, and for adult and eldercare when an elderly relative needs post op care, a transition for elderly relatives to a new care home, or when you are living a long way from your dependents.  In addition, they also have access to carers who specialize in adults with learning difficulties so if their usual care is not available you can use this space to arrange help with travel or general day to day tasks and support.  It is not just a benefit for parents or carers, this can also be used by singles – especially in terms of the post-operative care solution.

The benefits are two fold!  Peace of mind, it is a one stop shop and it supports domestic harmony – having a ‘backup plan’ means that households where both partners work, no longer need to have the ‘who stays at home’ debate!   With 6 sessions, per person, per year – paid for by MEC…this is a fantastic backup plan for everyone.

With a quarterly ‘webinar programme’, everyone will have access to these sessions which range from Well Done You: Discipline, Praise, and Rewards for Pre School Children; Eat, Sleep, Play: Healthy Living for Families; Raising confident and resilient children; and Separation and Divorce – surviving and thriving.  From ‘Long-distance caring for elderly loved ones’, to ‘Care+Career’ and ‘Being a Dad’

In addition to the amazing link with My Family Care, there is more…

With the introduction of the Early Return to Work Bonus for those on maternity and adoption leave it means that we are again giving our mums more choice.  We researched the fact that most ‘post leave’ return to work bonuses don’t actually impact on peoples decisions to come back to work – they will either return or they won’t.  Therefore, this option gives people more choice and flexibility, and a bit of extra cash when in the first year of a child’s life the childcare is at its most expensive.  We by no means want to discourage the use of the current MEC enhanced maternity package or shared parental leave so taking a year is also a valued option here but it just comes back to that important piece around all our MEC benefits – great value, choice and flexibility!

With the new Buddy System for Working Mums in place, this is for pre or post maternity and adoption leave.  Mums will be given the choice to link up with a ‘Buddy’ who is there to give you first hand advice, keep Mums in the loop with things going on in the business and basically have that go to person of someone who understands the pressures of motherhood, and who will be an impartial sounding board. Great for first time parents and Mums returning to work.

You may ask who benefits from My Family and the answer is everyone!   Whether you are a parent (new or current), Mums, Dad, carers, or even just for yourself, there is an option for everyone.

This is leading edge in terms of a media agency linking up with a provider such as My Family Care, so we are really proud to have this excellent benefit in place.  We want to ensure that we give everyone the option to Thrive and have a work life balance that suits them, and we know that not one benefit at MEC fits all.

Everyone needs that option of great value, choice and flexibility to allow them to get the right blend that they need between their work and personal life and My Family is another step in the right direction.