Richard Keenan, Senior Account Manager – Organic Performance, discusses the Rising Talent programme and the opportunity to meet with the senior leadership team! 


As part of the Rising Talent programme we have the time and opportunity to speak to the senior leadership team within MEC. A few weeks ago we had our second breakfast session of the 2015 programme.

Having spoken to previous alumni we prepared well in advance of our two hour session so that we could share an agenda with everyone as well as prepare neat silos of topics we wanted to discuss.

Our training so far…

In two very short hours we flew through our progress so far, talking about what we had learnt in our first three modules. We spoke in length about our experience in ‘Customer Centric Communication’ with Dom and Pete. We spoke and shared how we were using the experience to shape our presentations, work and content with client and colleagues. Greg and Sarah were then able to add in their own experiences and anecdotes, giving examples of pitches they’ve worked on in the past and present.

Some of the behaviour we had observed at last quarters MEC in Motion was also explained, when you see people talking to themselves, rehearsing what they were about to say. For me the nugget here from Greg was to not get too caught up when you get asked a question mid flow and let that knock you off course. You’ll get interruptions, accept it, answer the question and then yourself back in.

MEC Business updates…

Whilst we had some of the senior management in the room we were also able to talk about business updates, find out more about new business pitches and find out more about the individual strategy boards and the work they are pursing. During this easy flowing conversion Sarah took us through the piecing together of a recent new business pitch, how the brief has been interpreted and the unknown factor to us – Pitch Advisors. Who as we found out act as a middle man for the client.

For most of us having never worked at that level of a new business pitch we had no idea this third party even existeddigital-388075_640

Personally I was looking forward to grilling Greg on our third agenda item, the future of MEC Digital. I had seven outline questions to ask but went off on a tangent that went with the flow of the current conversation around challenger brands.

We had spoken in some detail about Virgin but putting a digital hat on we discussed as a group the Google/Amazon competition and the new Apple venture in to music. Listening to Greg’s thoughts on the matter and sharing of his insights in to Google were fascinating. In turn this was shaping MECs hires and direction around search, social and programmatic which Greg was able to share with us.

People, sleepless nights and passion…

Medium_Sea Containers

Towards the end of the session thoughts turned to Sea Containers, the Red Lion Square client teams and MECness. We got a sense of the passion and commitment Sarah with the senior management team were dedicating in to keeping MECness thriving across two locations. It seems like a challenge not only for them but also for us through the delivery of our own project to embed the MEC Behaviours over the next nine months.

For the Rising Talent team we all appreciated the time that Greg and Sarah made available to us for the morning, catching a glimpse of their world and what they have to tackle to keep the business driving forward is a real eye opener.