Monthly Archive: March, 2017

The Value of Branded Cultural Experiences in a Digital World– An Idea from AdWeek Europe 2017

Last week I had the opportunity to spend a day attending talks and panel discussions at AdWeek Europe. The day was packed with talks on big data, artificially intelligent machines and the shared… Continue reading

Brand Safety, Start-ups, Gender Equality and Snapchatting – Day 4 AdWeek Europe 2017

Yesterday I was offered the opportunity to spend some time down at Advertising Week Europe 2017 so that I could Snapchat, Instagram and Tweet the events on behalf of MEC. I was lucky… Continue reading

Millennials, Michael Gove, and Micro-Influencers – Day 3 at AdWeek Europe 2017

This year, as part of my ongoing role in helping to manage MEC’s social media channels, I was offered the chance to spend a day at Ad Week. I was there as a… Continue reading

What can a late ’90s Jim Carrey film tell us about the current state of advertising? Day 2 at AdWeek Europe 2017

Truman Burbank exists in a world created entirely for him with thousands of hidden cameras recording and tracking his every movement. Within his bubble he remains completely unaware of the truth of the… Continue reading