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The Story 2015: A masterclass in the telling of tales

The Story 2015 promised to be ‘a celebration of everything that is wonderful, inspiring and awesome about stories, in whatever medium possible’ MEC UK Strategy Director Kate Ivory tells us her own tale of the day….

What does it take to be a Sunday Times 100 Best Company to work for? We won’t tell you, but our MEC’ers will!

In celebration of our brand spanking new position in the ‘Sunday Times Top 100 Companies To Work For’ Survey, we went roving reporter style around MEC towers to see what people really think about working at MEC and what matters to them the most…

How MEC UK banished the blue from Blue Monday #MyPerks

So Blue Monday….we meet again, let’s celebrate….’Waiter, a bottle of your bleakest champagne, please’…   Blue Monday is a name given to a day in January purported to be the most depressing day… Continue reading

MEC UK announces fundraising partnership with MIND #TeaMEC

Rich Martin, Digital Strategy Director and MEC CSR Champion, reveals MEC UK’s hotly anticipated charity partner for 2015 and a sneaky peak into a very exerting year of fundraising that lies ahead…!

2015 Social Media New Year’s Resolutions to stick to

Natalie Laverick, Account Executive in the Digital Engagement team, shares some socially minded (and non-physically exerting) resolutions for anyone looking to refresh their social media activities in 2015. After the indulgence of Christmas,… Continue reading

#MustReadMonday: 2014 -The year mobile location data finally moved in the right direction

For this weeks #MustReadMonday, the very mobile Mark Stubbs – Account Director in Display at MEC London – talks about the maturing of mobile location data  and how MEC UK are demonstrating accountability… Continue reading

The development of tablet devices: Sales slow, the emergence of an upgrade cycle and threats to the iPad

Jo Coombes, Research Consultant at MEC London and favourite friend of the MEC UK blog, talks us through the development of tablet devices; Sales slow, the emergence of an upgrade cycle and threats to… Continue reading

Handling a dressing down: Tossed try a fresh approach to a Social Media crisis #MECthinks

George Cathcart, Digital Engagement Account Manager at MEC London, takes a closer look at Tossed’s (divisive) handling of their recent social media assault.  It’s the stuff of nightmares. Or, at least, it can be a… Continue reading