Around Shoreditch Street Art in 10 photos

We, the Digital Engagement Team at MEC London, recently undertook our group thrive project as winners of the agencies ‘Smarter Working Team of the Year’ How better to truly thrive than taking to… Continue reading

MEC #Thrive Series: Laura’s journey through graphic design – from passion to exhibition.

For our third feature in the #Thrive series – a celebration of MEC employee’s pursuits and passions both in and out of work – we spoke to Laura Robinson, Creative at MEC London.… Continue reading

MEC #Thrive Series Part 2: Making MEC Pitch Perfect with Susanna Cousins

Our #thrive series is focused on celebrating MEC’ers passions and talents and finding out how they utilise those as part of their contribution to MEC and its culture. In part 1 we spoke… Continue reading

#Thrive Series: Noel Mellor and his VHS Adventures

At MEC we believe in thriving in, and out, of work! We don’t need any excuse to celebrate and share the unique creativity and passions of all our talented employees, so today we’re… Continue reading

#MustReadMonday: ‘Media Databases: the challenges and the potential in the age of convergence’

As well as being an all round good guy, our Chief Data Office David Fletcher is also pretty smart (er… understatement) David has been applying his smarts to creating the latest IPA report ‘Media Databases:… Continue reading

Google @ MEC – The 7 things we learned this week

Today marked the last day of Google week here at MEC UK. It’s been an action packed four days of talks, demonstrations, panel discussions and hacks that’s inspired debate and idea generation across… Continue reading

Investigating Google Glass Basecamp: Our Verdict? Very Glassy!

MEC@Google – Grasping Google Glass As part of MEC Google Week we got to head down to Google Glass Basecamp to learn more about the product and literally – get our glass on.… Continue reading

Apple own the conversation – but is it enough? #iphone6launch

Social insight into the iPhone 6 launch With the dust having settled around the most talked about smart phone launch of the year, we have taken a look into how it fared against its… Continue reading

Google @ MEC Day 2 – The future of media is data

MEC’s seminal Google week continued today with an action packed day of data, technology and panel discussions around the future of media. We were fortunate enough to be joined by some of the… Continue reading

Google @ MEC Day 1 – How to win with content on YouTube

Today was a very special day here at MEC UK. It marked the start of a week long event we’re hosting in partnership with Google. This week our offices have been transformed into… Continue reading